Is a Tree, Touched, a High Rise? (2018) is an exploration of the transcendence of materials between the natural and man made, addressing the question of what constitutes artificiality and nature. Is an object manipulated by the human hand regarded a part of the human realm, or is there a definitive number of transformations that must occur for this to happen? Where does the built environment begin and where does it end, or are such divisions illusory? The ambiguity of these distinctions, expressed through varying qualities and colors of wood, from rich browns to bright primaries, as well as the white thread’s allusion to restoration, challenges separatist notions of man versus nature.  Without clear categories and resolutions to such questions, Is a Tree, Touched, a High Rise? prompts viewers to consider their own relationship to the environment in order to establish individualized meaning.

Is a Tree, Touched, a High Rise? (2018); sculptural artist book; found pallet wood, paint/stain, white thread, hinges